About Bali


About Bali



In recent years Bali has attracted many of the worlds best restauranteurs and chefs. The relative low cost of labour and rent, not to mention access to an astonishing array of fresh produce has made Bali irresistible. With Legian and Seminyak attracting so many tourists annually, the turnover of the product  is consistent. Whether its fine dining or simple local fare, you will be amazed at the variety and the low cost. It is an opportunity to try it everything!

The Weather. 

Bali is always tropical and warm night and day. There is no need to pack a jumper.

The Balinese.

The Balinese people are kind, modest, friendly and predominately Hindu. Kids are always welcome and included. You will make terrific friendships even during a short stay.

The Culture. 

From exciting religious ceremonies to magnificent architectural gardens, Bali is awash with spirituality and culture. You will see peaceful, early morning offerings and prayers, as well as loud gamelan dancing and rituals. The colour sound and movement can be quite spectacular.

The Shopping. 

Bali has been a shopping destination for many years. Whether it’s homewares, art, souvenirs or fashion, you will find it in Bali. If you happen to be building or renovating a house, think sinks, mixers, showers, lights and furniture. You will save a fortune.

The Adventure.

White water rafting, scuba diving, snorkelling, mountain biking, trekking, sight seeing, night clubbing. Bali has plenty for the active adrenaline enthusiast.

The Rest.

Lounge around and do absolutely nothing. Read a book for the first time in years, get massaged by the pool. Sometimes doing nothing is just what you need, and Bali is a terrific destination for doing just that.


For even more information try these terrific sites bali.com and The Bali Bible

Points of Interest

Legian Beach

The beach is just 550 Fitbit steps or 4 minutes walk from Robin’s Place. You can access the beach directly by walking through the grounds of Hotel Jayakarta. The security guards usually don’t mind, unless you are carrying a surfboard, in which case they may ask you to use the public access around the corner.

Lifeguards patrol the beach, please swim between the flags as the rips can be quite treacherous. If you plan to surf, high tide is the best time for this beach, as the waves are less likely to closeout. 

There are plenty of beach hawkers selling various wares from watches to hats. Most are very good in nature, and enjoy a haggle and chat. They will also leave you alone should they realise you are not interested. Just try to remember this is their living, and a few dollars goes a long way. You can also hire sun lounges, surfboards and boogie boards on Legian Beach


If you plan to hire a driver, go to Bemo corner just near the gates of the Hotel Jayakarta. Prices may vary according to the season and how busy the drivers are but generally rates are as follows.

Rp. 150,000 – 250,000 for half day.

Rp. 250,000 – 400,000 for full day (all inclusive for anywhere you may want to go.)

You will find that once you have used a driver, they will be happy to service all of your transport requirements during your stay. This saves a lot of time bargaining.

When travelling locally the Bluebird taxis are metered, cheap and don’t require negotiation on price (Make sure to ask you ask the driver put the meter on).

Eating Out

The are literally hundreds of restaurants within walking distance of Robin’s Place. From the cheap and cheerful to the more sophisticated. You will definitely be able to find whatever meal you are hankering for.

Money Changing

When changing money on the street, be careful. There are a few unscrupulous unauthorised money changers with a few tricks up their sleeve. The official one on the left hand side of Jalan Werkudara as you head toward Jalan Legian is very good and accurate, however for a slightly better rate keep walkingand cross JL Legian. Also Authorised and accurate. And of course there are ATMs. Use the same precautions as you would anywhere else and remember to take your card straight away as they often get sucked back into the machines after a predetermined wait time.






There are many fabulous restaurants within a 5 minute walk. Here are a few of our favourites.

  • Yutz' good variety, inexpensive, 300 meters out the gat and to the right.
  • Seaside Restaurant - Mexican styled, on the beach next to Hotel Jayakarta. 
  • Lanai - a little further up the road from Seaside. Good variety, fast, and popular.
  • Chez Gado Gado - an amazing dining experience, and a little more pricy but well worth it. It's a bout 15 minutes walk from Robins Place, heading north along the beach strip. 
  • Cafe Marzano - very well priced Italian food on the corner of JL Double 6 (Arjuna) and JL Werkudara
  • Warung Asia - terrific Thai food that is cheap and cheerful (get there early), next door to Cafe Marzano.
  • Swich - great sandwich shop for lunch next to Warung Asia (they also deliver). 
  • Kumala Pantai Restaurant - on the seaside end of the hotel. The best wood fired pizzas (you can also takeaway).

Should you wish to go a little further afield , there are many magnificent restaurant experiences to be had. Well worth the short taxi ride and marginal expense.

  • Motel Mexicola - Terrific fun with a Mexican flavour.
  • Mamasan - Elegant Chinese "street food". 
  • Chandi - Exciting "pan Asian cuisine".
  • Sardine - Beautiful seafood, in splendid rice paddy setting.
  • Metas - Sophisticated French, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • La Luciola is a 20 minute walk from Robin's Place, north along the beach, or 10 minute taxi ride, and is a long time Bali favourite.



  • Hog Wild  - formerly "Naughty Nuri's". Renowned for its ribs. If you like ribs, or even think you might like ribs, you must go to Naughty Nuri's. Its fun, cheap, casual and gets crowded by 7pm, so get there early.
  • KudeTa - Renowned for its chic crowd and sunset cocktails, is also a terrfiic place for breakfast.





The shopping in and around Legian is without compare. Whether it is souvenirs, jewellery, fashion, or furniture, you will have the time of your life finding that perfect something. We have even brought home to Australia a kitchen sink (as well as kitchen and bathroom mixers, shower heads and towel rails). Some like to haggle, some have fixed price. If they have fixed price, ask for "morning price" and invariable you will get a discount. 


The Beach

The Beach

Legian beach is a short walk (550 Fitbit steps) from Robin's Place, and a wonderful place to begin and end your day.  Starting with an early morning walk you will see a hive of activity as locals and tourists alike take advantage of the cool part of the day and exercise. In the afternoon you will see kids playing soccer, flying kites, and having fun to a magnificent sunset background, while you sip your refreshing beverage.

It is a patrolled by lifeguards and the rips can be hazardous in large swells. If you want to surf, check the tide charts as it only works properly on high tide. 


Useful Numbers

Useful Numbers

Airline Reservations


Virgin, Jetstar

Tel: 288331, 2, 3


Tel: 234606, 222788, 227825


Tel: 754218
Airport Office: 788823, 4

Airport Direct

Tel: 751472, 751473



Local (Kuta) recommended doctor

1. Sos International Medical Clinic

Jln Ngurah bypass
Ph: 0361 720 100

2. BMIC International Hospital

Jln Nugurah Rai bypass
Ph: 0361 761 263

3. Dentist

Dr Rudi at Dental911 Bali Galeria
Open 10 am – 10 pm
Ph: 0361 766 254 911

Useful Telephone Numbers

Ambulance 118
Fire 113
Police 110
Search & Rescue 751111
Time 103
Directory Inquiries 108
International Operator 102
Taxis 289, 191, 281, 090

Australian Consul

To make an appointment please contact (0361) 2000 100 and select the consular option or email bali.congen@dfat.gov.au